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  • Experimenting with Natural Dyes from Home to Learn More About Ancient Life

    2020-6-30 11:50

    Mummy Portrait of a Bearded Man, A.D. 140–160, Romano-Egyptian. Encaustic on lime wood, linen, 16 15/16 × 8 7/8 in. The J. Paul Getty Museum, Villa Collection, 73.AP.94. Digital image courtesy of Getty’s Open Content Program. Indigo-dyed linen in the circ

  • Aquincum – Roman Budapest

    2020-6-15 11:59

    Aquincum is an archaeological site and Roman city, located in modern-day Budapest in Hungary.The site was originally occupied by the Eravisci, an Iron Age tribe who settled in the traditional region of Transdanubia around the third or fourth century BC an

  • The Golden Age of Greek Science

    2020-6-15 11:53

    Helios (Sun) on his chariot. Image from a 330 BCE vase from Canossa, a Greek colony in southern Italy.What is a golden age?A golden age captures the best and greatest virtues of human achievements. These accomplishments, however, must have the potential o

  • Entire Roman city revealed without any digging

    2020-6-15 11:42

    For the first time, archaeologists have succeeded in mapping a complete Roman city, Falerii Novi in Italy, using advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR), allowing them to reveal astonishing details while it remains deep underground. The technology could r

  • Reviving the Glorious Past: The Discovery and Research of Ancient Khotan Buddhism Art

    2020-6-8 11:46

    Investigation and ExcavationHetian Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located at the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert. Its fertile land has entered the horizon of the Han Chinese ever since the reign of the Emperor Wu of the Han D

  • When the Romans turned Jerusalem into a pagan city, Jews revolted and minted this coin

    2020-6-8 11:22

    The bronze coin has the words "Year Two of the Freedom of Israel" with a cluster of grapes in the middle.(Image: © Koby Harati/City of David Archive)Archaeologists in Israel have discovered a rare coin minted about 1,900 years ago, when

  • The world's oldest temple was built along a grand geometric plan

    2020-6-8 11:13

    In Göbekli Tepe, archeologists have uncovered a handful of circular neolithic structures such as this one (Enclosure C), which consist of two T-shaped pillars surrounded by a bunch of slightly smaller inward-facing pillars.(Image: © Gil

  • Ancient people in the Kingdom of Judah may have gotten high off weed

    2020-6-8 10:59

    An aerial view of the Tel Arad fortress that stands in what was once the Kingdom of Judah.(Image: © Asaf. Z; Public Domain)More than 2,700 years ago, worshipers at a "holy of holies" shrine in Israel may have gotten high on weed. Resear

  • High taxes were always a problem in the Roman Empire, so what’s new?

    2020-5-18 10:33

    Inscriptions tell us, that throughout history people always complained about the high taxes charged by the central government.

  • Ancient Greek Masterpieces Were Painted in Dazzling Colors

    2020-5-18 10:13

    Vinzenz Brinkmann’s painted replica of The Archer, sculpted in 490 BC and discovered in the Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina (Stiftung Archologie, Munich)Marveling at the ancient Greek masterpieces today, there is a notion ingrained in our minds t

  • The Handshake: Ancient Greek Gesture May Fade Away in Post-Coronavirus Era

    2020-5-18 10:10

    Hera (left) shakes hands with Athena. Acropolis Museum, AthensOut of all the gestures of greeting used today around the globe, the handshake is the most widely used. The first nearly-universal way of greeting someone, which was first portrayed in the arts

  • Amazing astronomical discoveries from ancient Greece

    2020-5-18 10:01

    This is the largest piece of the 2,100-year-old Antikythera Mechanism, which is on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.(Image: © Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock)TheHistoriesbyHerodotus(484BC to 425BC) offers a rema

  • Sword fighting with Bronze Age weapons is really hard, scientists learn

    2020-5-18 09:46

    Replica swords tested combat skills and revealed battle damage

  • Welcome to Armageddon: Meet the city behind the biblical story

    2020-5-18 09:43

    Reference article: Facts about Armageddon, the ancient city otherwise known as Megiddo.

  • Two 'warrior women' from ancient Mongolia may have helped inspire the Ballad of Mulan

    2020-5-18 09:33

    The remains of the older warrior woman (left) and her husband, which were excavated from the Airagiin Gozgor archaeological site, in the Orkhon province of northern Mongolia.(Image: © Christine Lee)Archaeologists in Mongolia have found the remain