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    2022-12-2 16:46

    The article is focused on the problem of the caravan route and large settlements located between the cities of Syganak and Asanas. The study area covers the Zhanakorgan, Shieli and Syrdarya districts of the Kyzylorda region. The main database of materials

  • Research finally answers what Bronze Age daggers were used for

    2022-5-16 15:29

    IntroductionDaggers are ubiquitous yet poorly understood artifacts from prehistoric Europe. They first appeared near-simultaneously in eastern/central Europe, the Alps, and the Italian peninsula in the early 4th millennium BCE1,2,3,4. From the outset, dag

  • Identifying the portable toilets of the ancient Roman world

    2022-5-16 15:15

    Chamber pot of the 5th century CE from the Roman villa at Gerace, Sicily (Italy).Image credit:Roger WilsonResearch published today in theJournal of Archaeological Science: Reportsreveals how archaeologists can determine when a pot was used by Romans as a

  • 7 wonders of the ancient world

    2022-5-13 18:15

    From the Hanging Gardens of Babylon to the Pyramids at Giza, these ancient wonders do not disappoint.

  • 30 of the world's most valuable treasures that are still missing

    2022-4-19 12:48

    Will we ever find the Ark of the Covenant or a treasure depicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls?

  • The Antikythera Mechanism Secret Solved

    2022-2-16 17:04

    The Antikythera Mechanism, known worldwide as the world’s first computer, was created by ancient Greeks. Credit: National Archaeological Museum of AthensThe secret of the Antikythera Mechanism, theancient Greekdevice discovered in 1901 and regarded as the

  • The most amazing coin treasures uncovered in 2021

    2022-2-16 16:17

    Many of these hoards were found by amateur treasure-hunters

  • Ancient Troy: The city and the legend

    2022-2-15 17:16

    Did the Trojan War really happen at Troy?

  • Julius Caesar biography: Facts & history

    2021-12-10 16:27

    Julius Caesar became the most powerful person in Rome. Money and war paved the way for him.A statue of Julius Caesar.(Image credit: EnricoAliberti ItalyPhoto via Shutterstock)Caius Julius Caesar was born around July 13, 100 B.C. and was stabbed to death i

  • Ancient Rome: From city to empire in 600 years

    2021-12-10 16:20

    Within six centuries, Rome transformed from an independent city to a sprawling empire that dominated the Mediterranean Sea.Here, the Roman Forum at sunrise, revealing (from left to right): the Temple of Vespasian and Titus, the church of Santi Luca e Mart

  • Roman Republic: The rise and fall of ancient Rome's government

    2021-12-10 16:06

    In theory, the Roman Republic was designed to represent both wealthy and poor citizens, but the reality was quite different.A modern-day artist's depiction of the Roman senate, an institution that was vital to the Roman Republic.(Image credit: Shutterstoc

  • Roman noblewoman’s tomb reveals secrets of ancient concrete resilience

    2021-11-25 11:58

    Study shows how changing chemistry in Roman mortar strengthens the tomb over timeOver time, concrete cracks and crumbles. Well,mostconcrete cracks and crumbles. Structures built in ancient Rome are still standing, exhibiting remarkable durability despite

  • Alexander the Great: Facts, biography and accomplishments

    2021-11-15 10:57

    Alexander the Great's empire stretched from the Balkans to modern-day Pakistan.In 332 B.C. Persian rule in Egypt came to an end with the arrival of Alexander the Great (pictured here).After his death a dynasty of Greek kings would take control of Egypt an

  • The Taliban may be hunting for Afghanistan's most famous treasure

    2021-9-30 17:52

    The Bactrian treasure holds 20,000 golden artifacts.

  • Top Ten Most Spectacular Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2020

    2021-7-16 12:49

    Head of theAncient Greekgod Hermes, discovered under an Athens sidewalk recently. Credit: Greek Ministry of CultureDespite the many and varied challenges of the past year as the nation and the world struggled with the pandemic and all its ramifications, 2