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  • THE SOGDIANS ABROAD---Life and Death in China

    2021-2-18 17:01

    Iranian whirling girl, Iranian whirling girl… At the sound of the string and drums, she raises her arms, Like swirling snowflakes tossed about, she turns in her twirling dance. Whirling to the left, turning to the right, she never feels exhausted, A thous

  • The City of Panjikent and Sogdian Town-Planning

    2021-2-18 16:08

    In the mountains of southwestern Tajikistan, just east of the border with modern Uzbekistan, the ruins of the town of Panjikent provide a window into the vibrant visual culture of Sogdian urban life

  • Ancient girl Amazon warrior no older than 13 is confirmed by modern scientific techniques

    2021-1-28 17:53

    ByAnna Liesowska16 June 2020Warrior’s grave found in 1988 was identified as male - yet now the 2,600-year-old teenager 'with wart on face’ is revealed to be female.‘It was so stunning when we just opened the lid and I saw the face there, with that wart, l

  • What archaeology will look like in 2021

    2021-1-18 11:24

    A man wearing a protective mask passes by the Coliseum in Rome on March 7, 2020, amid fear of the COVID-19 epidemic.(Image: © Alberto Pizzoli/AFP via Getty Images)The COVID-19 pandemic, and the economic recession it has fostered, loom large over

  • Bronze Age travel routes revealed using pioneering research method

    2020-12-14 11:56

    Archaeologists have reconstructed the ancient seasonal migration routes of Bronze Age herders in Xinjiang, north-western China. Their research was the result of innovative methodology. To determine snow cover and vegetation cycles, crucial to the survival

  • African trade routes sketched out by mediaeval beads

    2020-12-14 11:50

    The chemical composition of glass beads and their morphological characteristics can reveal where they come from. Archaeologists analyzed glass beads found at rural sites in Mali and Senegal from between the 7th and 13th centuries AD. The scientists demons

  • Bronze Age herders were less mobile than previously thought

    2020-10-26 16:48

    Image source:Dreamstime.comBronze Age pastoralists in what is now southern Russia apparently covered shorter distances than previously thought. It is believed that the Indo-European languages may have originated from this region, and these findings raise


    2020-9-18 11:49

    Thousands of years before Monopoly, people were playing games like Senet, Patolli and Chaturanga

  • A Submerged 7,000-Year-Old Discovery Shows the Great Potential of Underwater Archaeology

    2020-9-18 11:28

    Stone tools scattered on the seafloor mark the oldest underwater site ever found on the continent.

  • Study casts doubt on 'sky disk' thought to be oldest representation of the heavens

    2020-9-17 15:44

    The Nebra Sky Disk of bronze decorated with gold is one of Germany's most famous archaeological artifacts. But a new study suggests it dates to the Iron Age, at least 1,000 years later than scientists had thought.(Image: © Anagoria/CC BY 3.0)One

  • The Mystery of the Oldest Throne in Europe at the Cretan Palace of Knossos

    2020-8-24 12:36

    Photo: Olaf Tausch/WikimediaIn the palace of Knossos, at the centre of Minoan civilization, a magnificent throne room built during the 15th century BC is considered the oldest such room in Europe.Knossos flourished for approximately two thousand years. It

  • Ancient Greeks may have built 'disability ramps' on some temples

    2020-8-24 12:26

    "The ancient Greek world was not some progressive utopia, but we do see some interesting solutions" for the disabled.

  • Where is Cleopatra's tomb?

    2020-8-24 12:15

    Lost for more than 2,000 years, the tomb ofCleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, has long been a source of intrigue for archaeologists and the public alike. And though media reports have suggested the discovery of a lifetime is near, the chances of finding

  • Lifelike face of a tattooed Tashtyk man seen for first time behind a stunning gypsum death mask

    2020-7-20 11:36

    Aged 25 to 30 when he died 1,700 years ago, he is from the mountainous region of modern-day Khakassia.Male Tashtyk mask is kept in the State Hermatage Museum. CT of the mask layer. Pictures:©TheStateHermitageMuseum.Photo by Vladimir Terebenin, Pa

  • Mystery of unique 2,100-year-old human clay head - with a ram’s skull inside

    2020-7-20 11:30

    Modern fluoroscopy identifies sheep bones inside the Tagar culture death mask.X-ray technology of the period indicated something was unusual about the bones inside the clay head - but could not reveal more.Picture:Vyacheslav Porosev, Instutute of Nuclear