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  • Prehistoric Wine Reveals Missing Pieces of Ancient Sicilian Culture

    2018-10-26 16:59

    In a 5,000 year-old jar, archaeologists discovered the remnants of wineDeep inside Monte Kronio, hot, humid and sulfurous caves held an ancient secret.(Giuseppe Savino, La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche, CC BY-ND)This article was originally published on F

  • Pompeii Graffiti May Rewrite Time Line of Vesuvius Eruption

    2018-10-23 11:38

    This graffiti, recently discovered on the wall of a Pompeii house, suggests that Mount Vesuvius blew its top in the autumn of A.D. 79, not in August as some had thought.Credit: Pompeii Parco ArcheologicoGraffiti scribbled on the wall of a Pompeii house th

  • Mysterious female pottery face sends 7,300 year-old smile

    2018-10-17 18:41

    Photo shows a piece of pottery shaped as a female head at the Bengbu Museum in East China's Anhui province.A mysterious piece of pottery shaped as a female head sends a smile from 7,300 years ago, as its host museum in East China's Anhui province starts a

  • In Photos: Ancient Tomb of 'Grand Lady' Discovered in China

    2018-10-17 17:32

    Final resting placeCredit: Photo courtesy Chinese Cultural RelicsArchaeologists in China have uncovered the tomb of a 900 year-old "Grand Lady," as writing found in her tomb calls her, in China. The inner coffin of the Grand Lady is shown here.

  • Italian axe and Yorkshire drums tell of a prehistoric Brexit

    2018-10-11 17:26

    Stonehenge exhibition illustrates apparent hiatus in flow of people and ideas

  • Archaeologists told how the inhabitants of Pompey died during the eruption of Vesuvius

    2018-10-11 17:18

    A group of archaeologists from Italy examined the remains of those who died as a result of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD and found out that most of them had a head blast. Their research is published in the scientific journal Plos One.The e

  • Was This Man a Bronze-Age Cyborg? His Metal Hand May Have Been a Prosthetic.

    2018-10-10 17:59

    This Bronze Age hand has a gold cuff. Next to it, sit a dagger, a bronze pin and a spiraled hair ornament. The two gold flakes likely came from the metal hand.Credit: Copyright Philippe Joner/Archaeological Service of the Canton of BernTreasure hunters in

  • Legends of a Medieval Female Pope May Tell the Truth

    2018-10-10 17:54

    This miniature artwork shows Pope Joan, who has just given birth to an infant during a Church procession.Credit: The New York Public LibraryMedieval legends claim that Pope Joan was the first and only female pope. And now, an analysis of ancient silver co

  • 85 stars that light up the heavens

    2018-9-26 11:25

    New painting and calligraphy galleries in Liaoning Provincial Museum have lifted the veil on dozens of rarely seen national treasuresThere are just 85 stars up there, but my how they shine!Those stars, Chinese paintings on display in a new section of the

  • Early industrial complex was built for sailors, not locals

    2018-9-26 10:24

    A large Roman water-mill collection in France didn’t supply its adjacent city, as assumed. Andrew Masterson reports.

  • Traces of the World's First 'Microbrew' Found in a Cave in Israel

    2018-9-26 10:10

    Standing in the entrance to Raqefet Cave, where they found evidence for the oldest man-made alcohol in the world, are, from left, Dani Nadel, Li Liu, Jiajing Wang and Hao Zhao.Credit: Li LiuThe world's oldest beer may have been brewed for a funeral 13,000

  • Early amber trade: Sicilian amber in Western Europe predates arrival of Baltic amber by at least 2,000 years

    2018-9-26 09:48

    This is a geological amber sample from Cuchía, analysed as part of the study.Credit: M. Murillo-Barroso and Alvaro Fernandez FloresAmber and other unusual materials such as jade, obsidian and rock crystal have attracted interest as raw materials for the m

  • Two Sculptures of Ancient Women Give Voice to the Protection of Antiquities in War Zones

    2018-9-19 18:03

    The Smithsonian’s elegant Haliphat of Palmyra and the blue-eyed Miriam from Yemen raise awareness of the illegal trade in and destruction of antiquities

  • On the territory of China, there was an ancient civilization of engineers

    2018-9-19 17:20

    Archaeologists from China and Great Britain came to the conclusion that before the state of Yin, which is considered the first ancient Chinese state formation, there was an ancient developed civilization. Its representatives were able to erect complex eng

  • Meet the 1400-year-old Chang’an City of the Tang Dynasty in Xi'an

    2018-9-13 16:50

    OnJune18,618AD(May20ofLunarCalendar),LiYuan officially proclaimed himself as the emperor of "Tang Empire"in theTaijiHallofTaijiPalaceinChang'anCity,andthecitywasthe capital.AfterthebenignAdministrationofZhenguanperiodandFlourish- ingKaiyuanperio