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  • The world's oldest temple was built along a grand geometric plan

    2020-6-8 11:13

    In Göbekli Tepe, archeologists have uncovered a handful of circular neolithic structures such as this one (Enclosure C), which consist of two T-shaped pillars surrounded by a bunch of slightly smaller inward-facing pillars.(Image: © Gil

  • Ancient people in the Kingdom of Judah may have gotten high off weed

    2020-6-8 10:59

    An aerial view of the Tel Arad fortress that stands in what was once the Kingdom of Judah.(Image: © Asaf. Z; Public Domain)More than 2,700 years ago, worshipers at a "holy of holies" shrine in Israel may have gotten high on weed. Resear

  • High taxes were always a problem in the Roman Empire, so what’s new?

    2020-5-18 10:33

    Inscriptions tell us, that throughout history people always complained about the high taxes charged by the central government.

  • Ancient Greek Masterpieces Were Painted in Dazzling Colors

    2020-5-18 10:13

    Vinzenz Brinkmann’s painted replica of The Archer, sculpted in 490 BC and discovered in the Temple of Aphaia on the island of Aegina (Stiftung Archologie, Munich)Marveling at the ancient Greek masterpieces today, there is a notion ingrained in our minds t

  • The Handshake: Ancient Greek Gesture May Fade Away in Post-Coronavirus Era

    2020-5-18 10:10

    Hera (left) shakes hands with Athena. Acropolis Museum, AthensOut of all the gestures of greeting used today around the globe, the handshake is the most widely used. The first nearly-universal way of greeting someone, which was first portrayed in the arts

  • Amazing astronomical discoveries from ancient Greece

    2020-5-18 10:01

    This is the largest piece of the 2,100-year-old Antikythera Mechanism, which is on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece.(Image: © Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock)TheHistoriesbyHerodotus(484BC to 425BC) offers a rema

  • Sword fighting with Bronze Age weapons is really hard, scientists learn

    2020-5-18 09:46

    Replica swords tested combat skills and revealed battle damage

  • Welcome to Armageddon: Meet the city behind the biblical story

    2020-5-18 09:43

    Reference article: Facts about Armageddon, the ancient city otherwise known as Megiddo.

  • Two 'warrior women' from ancient Mongolia may have helped inspire the Ballad of Mulan

    2020-5-18 09:33

    The remains of the older warrior woman (left) and her husband, which were excavated from the Airagiin Gozgor archaeological site, in the Orkhon province of northern Mongolia.(Image: © Christine Lee)Archaeologists in Mongolia have found the remain

  • China’s viticulture in transition: Wine culture going back thousands of years lays the foundation for emerging modern wine industry in the Middle Kingdom

    2020-4-22 11:33

    Peter Kupfer of Mainz University published a history of the Chinese wine culture / 9,000-year-old discoveries from central China are the world’s earliest traces of winemaking.The oldest archaeological evidence of the use of wild grapes to make a fermented

  • How millets sustained Mongolia's empires

    2020-4-13 16:52

    Researchers examined stable isotopes from bone collagen and dental enamel to reconstruct the diets of ancient Mongolians. Findings challenge the popular notion of a completely nomadic prehistoric population, linking grain cultivation with the success of t

  • The Most Important Ancient Greek Archaeological Discoveries of 2019

    2020-4-13 16:37

    2019 was another year of major archaeological discoveries, not only inGreecebut across the Mediterranean basin, where the different phases of Greek antiquity left their indelible mark.Archaeologists from a number of countries from around the globe found g

  • The Unknown Story of the Greeks Who Shaped the Latin Alphabet

    2020-4-13 16:24

    Etruscan painting of dancers and musicians, in the Tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia, Italy. Photo credit: WikipediaThe Latin alphabet is undoubtedly the world’s most recognizable form of written language, whose history goes back in time to the eras of anci

  • The selected works of Collection of the International Photographic Exhibition Commemorating the 5th Anniversary of the Inscription on World Heritage List of the Silk Road

    2020-3-13 17:21

    《锦绣山河》摄影:吴春英Brocaded Mountains©Wu Chunying《谁持彩带当空舞》摄影:李润春Coloured Ribbons Above©Li RunchunGuozi Valley in Snow©Cao Jiyun《雪漫果子沟》摄影:曹继云Tian-Shan Wranger©Wu Chunying《天山牧马图》摄影:吴春英Sandspring in Heihe River©Li Yulong

  • One millennium ago in Luo-yang, a disastrous fire burnt down the once highest pagoda in Chinese history

    2020-3-13 16:38

    The Disastrous FireApril 15, 2019, the renowned Notre Dame de Paris was suddenlyswallowed by fire and smoke that permeated all over around,destroyed its central spire and wooden roof. Located on an islandof the River Seine, the architecture was well known