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  • Xuanzang’s Journey to the West: A Hard Spiritual Pilgrimage

    2018-12-19 18:05

    Thenight when Xuanzangleft Chang'anwas long ago.He was experiencingan arduous spiritual pilgrimage, normalystarting at dawn and stopping at night, and going through the rigors of living in the wilderness. The farther he was away from Chang'an, the more de

  • Satellite data exposes looting

    2018-12-18 17:16

    This is a recently looted tomb in Northwest China. CREDIT Trevor WallaceMore than 2,500 years ago, horse riding nomads expanded their cultural realm throughout the Eurasian steppe from Southern Siberia to Eastern Europe.These tribes had in common, that th

  • 16 of the Most Interesting Ancient Board and Dice Games

    2018-12-11 17:18

    Credit: Jakob Bådagård/Public domainAncient playBoard and dice games have been a popular activity across almost all human societies for thousands of years — in fact, they are so ancient that it's unknown which game is the oldest or the original,

  • 4,000-Year-Old Game Board Carved into the Earth Shows How Nomads Had Fun

    2018-12-11 17:01

    A distinctive pattern of holes scored into the rock of an ancient shelter in Azerbaijan are the remains of a board for one of the world's oldest games.Credit: Walter Crist/Gobustan National ParkA pattern of small holes cut into the floor of an ancient roc

  • Haunting, 9,000-Year-Old Stone Mask Discovered in a Field in the West Bank

    2018-12-11 16:55

    This stone mask was found in a field in the West Bank.Credit: Clara Amit/Israel Antiquities AuthorityWith oval-shaped holes for eyes and a small ridge for a nose, the mask resembles something a 1970s hockey goalie (or Jason in "Friday the 13th")

  • Caught in an unending twirl

    2018-11-30 11:55

    The Sogdians performed a special role on the stage of the ancient Silk RoadIf the ancient Silk Road is a theater, then the Sogdians were its most dynamic performers. Monopolizing the trans-Eurasian trade route for half a millennium between the fourth and

  • China's village gets UNESCO awards for cultural heritage conservation

    2018-11-28 17:43

    Photo taken on Nov 11, 2018 shows the external wall of Aijing Zhuang residential complex in Yangwei village of Yongtai county, Southeast China's Fujian province. The project, with a total of 361 rooms covering the area of over 5,200 square meters, was bui

  • Love and loathing from the footnotes of history

    2018-11-28 17:39

    Few artifacts from the Sogdians have been found, but those that have offer insights into their role in the ancient world"Of all the more than 60 stone tablets unearthed in Luoyang and bearing the epitaph for their Sogdian owners, only one was discove

  • 536 Was a Garbage Year for Mankind (So Give 2018 a Break)

    2018-11-28 11:38

    The fall of the Roman Empire may have been a partial result of the decade of famine and plague that began in A.D. 536, the authors of a new study say.Credit: Thomas Cole/ New York Historical SocietyIn A.D. 536, Europe had a terrible, horrible, no-good, ve

  • In Photos: The Ancient Ruins of Shivta in Southern Israel

    2018-11-28 11:33

    Emma Maayan-Fanar was looking for shade from the desert sun when she saw the face of Jesus.The art historian from the University of Haifa in Israel had been studying crucifixes and other motifs on the stone lintels of the ancient churches and houses of th

  • The Road Almost Taken

    2018-10-31 20:59

    An ancient city in Germany tells a different story of the Roman conquest

  • A New Vision for the Collection at the Getty Villa

    2018-10-31 20:53

    The director of the J. Paul Getty Museum describes a new approach to presenting the art of ancient Greece and Rome

  • China's Terracotta Warriors exhibition contributes over $100.5 mln to Liverpool's economy

    2018-10-31 20:24

    The exhibitionChina's First Emperor and the Terracotta Warriorswas held inLiverpool. An exhibition of China's Terracotta Warriors has become a hit and contributed 78 million pounds ($100.5 million) to Liverpool's economy, the exhibitor announced Wednesday

  • Discover The First ‘University’ in The World, Macedonia’s School of Aristotle

    2018-10-31 09:32

    The main cave that Aristotle and Alexander the Great used as school. Photo by sxoliaristotelous.grA place of universal historic and cultural interest, the ruins of the School ofAristotlelocated are just two miles from the contemporary town of Naoussa, in

  • Message from Ms Audrey Azoulay, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of International Day for Disaster Reduction, 13 October 2018

    2018-10-26 17:43

    Every year, disasters caused by natural hazards affect millions of people around the world. The resultant human losses are tragic and highlight the vulnerabilities shared by our societies.