RUC Inaugurates Silk Road School, Scholarchip to Study in Suzhou

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Summaryuuuuuu: Renmin University of Chinainaugurated Silk Road SchoolClick to watch the videoRenmin University of China (RUC) inaugurated its Silk Road School at its campus in Suzhou City in east China’s Jiangsu Provinceon Wednesday May 23th, 2018.Named after the Belt a

Renmin University of China inaugurated Silk Road School


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Renmin University of China (RUC) inaugurated its Silk Road School at its campus in Suzhou City in east China’s Jiangsu Province on Wednesday May 23th, 2018.


Named after the Belt and Road Initiative, it is a non-independent secondary school affiliated to RUC, jointly run by the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY), School of International Studies, and Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China. 


Jin Nuo, secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University of China (RUC), moderated the ceremony, and she inaugurated the Silk Road School together with Liu Wei, the president of RUC, Zhou Naixiang, party secretary Suzhou, and Janez Premože, Slovenia's ambassador to China.


Nearly 100 Chinese and international guests from Chinese ministries, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, Renmin University of China, embassies of Slovenia and other countries in China, as well as universities at home and abroad, attended the inauguration.


President Liu Wei said in his speech that the school will strive to cultivate high-caliber professionals to serve the Belt and Road Initiative.

It has grand goals. Hu Zhengyue, vice president of China Public Diplomacy Association, says it will be home to global talents, to deepen friendships and connections.


Slovenian ambassador to China, Janez Premoze, conveyed sincere congrats to the new school. He believes the school helps "not only learn about the Belt and Road Initiative but also the modern reality of China."


Zhu Zhiming, the deputy director of Comprehensive Department by the Ministry of Commerce, hopes that the School can get the core idea of the Belt and Road Initiative and offer more positive energy.


Wu Qingwen, the standing committee member of Suzhou Municipal, promised that the government of Suzhou, where the school is located, will provide more support to the School with better conditions for its development. 

At the inauguration ceremony, Wang Wen, executive dean of RDCY, released the school’s first research report to explore the disciplinary construction of “Belt and Road”. He pointed out that the establishment of the study and the school is to improve China’s right to speak. Through academic study and further analysis, the Belt and Road Initiative will be firmly and sustainably developed.


The school will offer a two-year master’s program in Contemporary Chinese Studies, and it plans to mainly enroll international students from the countries and regions along the Belt and Road Initiative. Graduates will be awarded the RUC Diploma in Postgraduate Studies and those with a sufficient level of academic achievement will also receive the degree of Master of Laws (LLM).


Enrollment has already started, with the first semester set to begin in September of this year. Students will be offered full scholarships, medical insurance, and a living allowance to study Chinese politics, Chinese economics, and Chinese law and culture. In the future, the Silk Road School will continue to cooperate with other schools in Renmin University of China to offer more programs, seeking to enroll 200 students in 3 years.

Silk Road School,

Renmin University of China (Suzhou)

Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies

2018 Program Overview

Program Overview

The Master of Contemporary Chinese Studies (MCCS) is a key measure by Renmin University of China (RUC) to actively support the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in education. Following several years of preparation, the program leverages RUC’s educational platform, international operational experience and high-level think-tank resources to train future elite leaders for countries along the BRI that have a passion for Chinese culture, understand profoundly the path, model and experience of China’s development.

Based in Suzhou Campus, Silk Road School is a non-independent secondary school affiliated to RUC. It is jointly organized by Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies (RDCY), School of International Studies, and Suzhou Campus of Renmin University of China.


Departing from a global strategic perspective and amassing global political leaders, business elite and outstanding teaching resources, the program combines competitive professional courses, expert seminars, high-level fora, internships with well-known enterprises as well as various cultural visits to offer students a well-rounded academic experience in China.


The Silk Road School offers all successful applicants comprehensive scholarships. The scholarships cover full tuition, accommodation subsidy, medical insurance and necessary living allowance for the duration of the program.


The language of instruction on the program (2 years full-time) is English, with Chinese language skills reinforced throughout. Graduates will be awarded the RUC Diploma in Postgraduate Studies and those with a sufficient level of academic achievement will also receive the degree of Master of Laws (LLM).



  • Applicants should be foreign citizens who have interest in the BRI and Chinese culture.

  • Applicants should be under the age of 45 (before August 1st 2018).

  • Applicants should have a Bachelor’s Degree or above (awarded before August 31st 2018).


  • Applicants should have ability of listening, speaking, reading and writing equivalent to a score of IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 90.

  • Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from two of the following categories: 1)politicians 2) businessmen 3) academics

How to Apply

Online Application

Complete the Online Application on the website of the International Student’ s Office at Renmin University of China (  before June 10th 2018. Fill in the application form, and pay the RMB 600 application fee online.

Required Application Materials

  •  Application Form;

  •  Proof  of highest diploma (original copy or notarized photocopy);

  •  Academic transcripts (original copy or notarized photocopy);

  • 2-inch passport photos with white background;

  • Information page of your valid personal and ordinary passport;

  • Two letters of recommendation in English;

  • Personal statement (at least 1000 words in English, indicating your educational and work background, your motivation for applying, study plans and career goals);

  • Personal CV;

  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form The examination result must be obtained within one month, stating that the applicant has no serious infectious diseases or any diseases which could prevent entry into China;

  • Copies of a catalogue of published academic articles along with abstracts, awards received or other original research (optional);

  • Personal video clip (optional).

Notes on Application

1)All the application materials must be submitted electronically as one PDF document in the prescribed order to the following address: (video and academic essays submitted alone)
2) All documents should be in English; otherwise, certified English translations should be submitted with the original documents
3)The cut-off date for submitting the above materials is June 10th 2018


Interviewed by expert group (in English) online

Application Schedule

Cut-off date for applications: June 10th 2018


Interview online: June,2018


Letters of admission sent out: July, 2018


Semester begins: September,2018

Duration and Mode of Attendance

The program is two years full-time in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province of China

Curriculum Structure

The following specializations are available on the program:


  • Chinese Politics

  • Chinese Economy

  • Chinese Culture

  • Chinese Law


The following is a selection of the available courses (subject to changes):


  • Chinese Government and Politics

  • Comparative Industrialization

  • Internet and Big Data

  • Cross-cultural Communication

  • Resource Politics

  • Seminar on the Belt and Road Initiative

  • Chinese language courses

  • Chinese Experience and Its Comparison with Developing Countries

  • China and Global Governance

  • Contemporary Chinese Economy

  • China’s Foreign Economic Trade and Investment

  • Introduction to Chinese Law

  • Studies on Confucianism

  • Contemporary Chinese Society

Contact Information

Phone:86-10-62516305 EXT:8011/8017 /8305








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