• Unique Byzantine Inscription Found on Gerasun Island off Black Sea Coast

A unique Byzantine inscription using some Greek letters was discovered recently on Gerasun Island, the only inhabited island in the Black Sea. Credit: Facebook/Ioannis GeorgopoulosA unique Byzantine inscription from the fourteenth century was recently dis

• Ancient Greek Figurines of Demeter Found in Black Sea Town

The figurines of Demeter and Persephone recently discovered in Anapa. Credit: Twitter/HistoryHellenicFigurines representing theancient Greekgoddess Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, were unearthed at a construction site in the Black Sea resort town of

• Statue of Woman Unearthed in Ancient Greek City of Perge

The statue of a female discovered on July 27 in Perge, Antalya, Turkey. Credit: Turkish Ministry of CultureAn ancient statue was unearthed on Monday in the Turkish province of Antalya, near theancient Greekcity of Perge.Believed to have been made around t

• Ancient Greek Heritage Uncovered at the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria

Ancient ruins in Sozopol, Bulgaria. Credit: Mister No/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0Ancient Greekheritage from six centuries before Christ has been uncovered by archaeologists exploring theancient Helleniccolony of Apollonia Pontica in modern-day Bulgaria.Ac

• Euboean Cup Found in New Excavation of Etruscan Tomb

Archaeologists in Italy are just now announcing the discovery of ten spectacular Etruscan tombs. Credit: Soprintendenza Archeologia BelleArti Paesaggio Etruria MeridionaleArchaeologists in Italy are just now announcing the discovery of ten spectacular Etr

• Ancient Greek Mosaic Celebrates the Joy of Life

Theancient Greekmosaic discovered in Hayat, Turkey. Credit: Archaeology and Art/TwitterA magnificent ancient Greek mosaic discovered in Hatay, Turkey continues to amaze archaeologists and historians who are attempting to ascertain the exact meaning of its

• Ancient “Notepads,” Many Written in Greek, Uncovered in Egypt

Archeologists have found 18,000 ostraca, or pottery fragments containing writing, in an excavation of the ancient Egyptian city of Athribis. Credit: University of Tubingen.Over 18,000 ancient “notepads” — many written in Greek — were uncovered by archaeol

• Gold 'lotus flower' pendant from Queen Nefertiti's time discovered in Cyprus

The jewelry had been buried alongside 155 entombed people.

• Rare 'bionic' armor discovered in 2,500-year-old China burial

It's only the second known ancient armor of its kind.

• 2,000-year-old Celtic hoard of gold 'rainbow cups' discovered in Germany

The ancient hoard's "value must have been immense."

• Ancient Chinese tombs hold remains of warriors possibly buried alive

The tombs belong to a wealthy clan from 3,000 years ago.

• Last Roman gladiator arena ever built unearthed in Switzerland

The arena sat on the northern edge of the empire's frontier.

• Rare Byzantine swords found in medieval stronghold

Experts are calling them hybrid Byzantine ring pommeled swords.

• 2,700-Year-Old Leather Armor Proves Technology Transfer Happened in Antiquity

Researchers at the University of Zurich have investigated a unique leather scale armor found in the tomb of a horse rider in Northwest China. Design and construction details of the armor indicate that it originated in the Neo-Assyrian Empire between the 6


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