• The Roman Empire: Rulers, expansion and fall

While many date the collapse of the Roman Empire to the fifth century, in reality it didn't fall until AD 1453.Statue of the first leader of the Roman Empire, Augustus(Image credit: Getty / Print Collector)The Roman Empire began in 27 B.C., when Octavian,

• 1,300-year-old murder victim found in China was not a grave robber

The man suffered cuts and slashes to his face during the murder.(Image credit: Photo courtesy Qian Wang)The remains of an ancient 25-year-old man who was discovered in China in a shaft leading to an ancient tomb was not trying to rob it — he was murdered,

• 1,500-year-old burial in China holds lovers locked in eternal embrace

The woman may have sacrificed herself for the burial.

• Scientists solve the mystery of the Etruscans' origins

The discovery could have just settled a 2,400-year-old debate

• Byzantine warrior with gold-threaded jaw unearthed in Greece

His jaw had been shattered in two.

• Rare Photos Show First Excavations at Sacred Greek Island of Delos

Courtyard of the House of the Diadoumenos, Courtesy of the French School of AthensRare photographs of the excavations at theGreek Island of Delosfrom the 19th Century have come to light in a book by French archaeologists.The book “Delos 1873-1913” sheds l

• Archaeologists investigate mystery of graves reopened 1,400 years ago

This grave in France was reopened during the early Middle Ages. Items were removed, and archaeologists are trying to figure out why.(Image credit: éveha-études et valorisations archéologiques Antiquity Publications Ltd.)People living across Europe around

• 100 Roman coins were likely an offering for safe passage across river

Many of the coins featured military imagery.

• Magnificent Roman-era building unearthed under Israel's Western Wall

The remains of part of the West Bank building are seen here. It was likely used as a reception area for local council members before they ascended to the Temple Mount.(Image credit: Photo courtesy Israel Antiquities Authority)Inside the tunnels beneath th

• Iron Age warriors bent the swords of their defeated enemies, ancient hoard reveals

It's one of the biggest Iron Age weapons hoards in western Germany.

• 17 decapitated skeletons found at ancient Roman cemetery

Many of the decapitated skeletons had their heads buried like the one shown here.(Image credit: Dave Webb, Cambridge Archaeological Unit)Seventeen decapitated skeletons dating back about 1,700 years have been discovered in three Roman cemeteries at Knobb'

• Shackled skeleton may be first direct evidence of slavery in Roman Britain

Iron fetters around the skeleton's ankles were secured in the center with a padlock.

• 7,000-year-old letter seal found in Israel hints at ancient long-distance trade

The tiny object is made up of two different stamps.

• Unique 2,000-year-old statuette of dancing man, likely made in Northern India, dug up in Siberia

Mystery how the bronze dancer, his arms raised in an ecstatic trance, reached modern-day Novosibirsk region.


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