Site of Daming Palace in Chang’an City of Tang Dynasty

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Da Minggong National Heritage Park will partly be close from 1st to 24th September 2016, for the preparation and organisation of the 3rd Silk Road International Movie Festival.The North and South Square of the Imperial Pathway, Han Yuan Hall area will

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• Site of Daming Palace, under college students' pen

Site of Daming Palace, under college students' pen ▲Zhang Rui, Chang'an University▲Liu Xiongzhi, Shaanxi Normal University▲Qiu Yunfei, Shaanxi Normal University▲Dong Yan, Shaanxi Normal Univeristy▲Kang Dong, Chang'an University▲西安建筑科技大学 贾若楠《紫宸远》▲西安外国语大学 丁

• The Site of Daming Palace in Chang'an City of Tang Dynasty Introduction

(1) Contribution to the Silk Roads' OUV Located in the Guanzhong Basin and in the north of Site of Chang’an City of Tang Dynasty, Site of Daming Palace is a site of imperial palace that represents th ...

• History

Dingding gate is the south gate on the outer city wall of Luoyang, the south end of the city axis and faces Yi Que(Longmen Hill). Dingding gate was built in Sui Dynasty (7th century) in the name of “ ...

• Introduction

The site of Dingding Gate (Dingding means a new Dynasty founded), located in Luoyang city, Henan province in China, consists of remains of south citygate and its blocks in Sui and Tang dynasties (7th- ...


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