The International Silk Road Forum on the Archaeological View was successfully held--Xi’an Consensus and Achieved Archaeological Alliance of the Silk Roads

2018-9-13 16:12| Editor: 武子| view: 728| comment: 0|Author: Translated by IICC-X|Source: Shaanxi Archaeology

Summaryuuuuuu: FromMay12to13,hostedbytheStateAdministrationofCulturalHeri- tageandShaanxiProvincialPeople'sGovernment,theInternationalSilk RoadsForumontheArchaeologicalViewwasorganizedbytheShaanxi ProvincialAdministrationCulturalHeritageofinXi'an.Expertsandschol- arsfro

From May 12 to 13, hosted by the State Administration of Cultural Heri- tage and Shaanxi Provincial People's Government, the International Silk Roads Forum on the Archaeological View was organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Administration Cultural Heritage of in Xi'an. Experts and schol- ars from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and the United Kingdom shared new discoveries and studies of the Silk Roads.

During the forum, delegates conducted in-depth exchanges on the archaeological cooperation of the Silk Road, reached and published "Xi’an Consensus on the International Silk Road Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Conservation".

"Xi'an Consensus" advocated international cooperation in the field of archaeological research of the Silk Roads, comprehensively understanding the history of the Silk Roads, the location and preserva- tion of cultural heritage, and providing scientific basis for protection and inheritance; earnestly doing a good job in cultural heritage protec- tion, information sharing, display and utilization. The countries along the routes will cooperate to promote the inscription of Silk Roads cultural heritage as a whole into the World Heritage List, strengthening the protection of the Silk Road cultural heritages; promoting the per- sonnel training cooperation in the archaeological and cultural heritage protection of the Silk Roads, and academic exchanges in the fields of archaeology and conservation.

At the same time, representatives from Chinese archaeological institu- tions unanimously decided to establish “the Archaeological Alliance of Silk Roads".

The "Alliance" is responsible for coordinating Silk Roads archaeologi- cal work, and building a comprehensive platform for information shar- ing, coordination and communication, academic exchanges, personnel training, and academic research, jointly completing the work advo- cated in "Xi’ an Consensus on the International Silk Road Archaeology and Cultural Heritage conservation".

The Alliance focus as on strengthening communication, enhancing understanding, learning each other’ s advantages, and jointly con- structing the international archaeological team of the Silk Roads. It paid attention to major academic issues of the Silk Roads Archaeol- ogy, carried out cross-regional Silk Roads archaeological research systematically, held academic conferences regularly, and implemented Silk Roads archaeological technology exchange and talent training program.