• 'Lost' Statue of Alexander the Great (Minus the Nose) Turns Up in Museum Warehouse

Archaeologists have discovered a stunning, albeit noseless, bust of Alexander the Great, but not from an ongoing excavation located in Alexander's ancient, sprawling empire.Rather, the marble statue was found sitting, "lost in a dark corner of the wa

• Amulets of Deities, Skulls and Phalluses Found in Ancient Pompeii

The amulets include carved gems, etched glass and phallus-shaped charms.The stash of ancient amulets found in Pompeii.(Image: © Copyright Parco Archeologico di Pompei (Archeological Park of Pompeii))A stash of ancient amulets is seeing the light of d

• 'Lost' Statue of Alexander the Great (Minus the Nose) Turns Up in Museum Warehouse

Archaeologists have discovered a stunning, albeit noseless, bust of Alexander the Great, but not from an ongoing excavation located in Alexander's ancient, sprawling empire.Rather, the marble statue was found sitting, "lost in a dark corner of the wa

• People Smoked Pot to Get High at Least 2,500 Years Ago

Getting high on marijuana may not be a modern pastime, as archaeologists have found the earliest clear evidence to date that people were smoking cannabis for its psychoactive properties some 2,500 years ago.They found evidence of burned cannabis with high

• Ancient Egyptians Built This 4-Towered Fortress More Than 2,600 Years Ago

The ancient fortress' eastern gate.Credit: Egyptian Ministry of AntiquitiesArchaeologists in Egypt have discovered the ruins of an ancient fortress dating to the 26th Dynasty, the last dynasty in which native Egyptians ruled before the Persians conquered

• Smashed Ancient Tablet Suggests Biblical King Was Real. But Not Everyone Agrees.

The pieced together remains of the ninth century B.C. inscribed tablet known as the Mesha Stele.Credit: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repositoryA new reading of a hard-to-decipher ancient tablet suggests that the biblical King Balak might have been a

• Ancient Fresco of Mythical Narcissus Found in Pompeii

The newly discovered fresco of the mythical hunter Narcissus.Credit: Parco Archeologico di Pompei (Archeological Park of Pompeii)Excavations in a lavishly decorated house in ancient Pompeii have yielded a Valentine's Day-worthy discovery: a fresco of Narc

• Mount Vesuvius Didn't Kill Everyone in Pompeii. Where Did the Survivors Go?

When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, the volcano's molten rock, scorching debris and poisonous gases killed nearly 2,000 people in the nearby ancient Italian cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.But not everyone died. So, where did the refugees, who could

• Why Are the Noses Broken on So Many Ancient Egyptian Statues?

The face of the Egyptian pharaoh Senwosret III, circa 1878–1840 B.C. Most Egyptian rulers chose to have their likenesses appear youthful and strong, but Senwosret III opted to show a more realistic countenance, showing his heavy-lidded eyes, thin lips and

• This Silly, Bug-Eyed Dwarf Deity Was Defender of 'Everything Good'

The ancient deity Bes had bug eyes and a large face.Credit: Eliyahu Yanai, City of DavidArchaeologists recently found a piece of pottery decorated with the funny face of an ancient deity who is often depicted as a bearded dwarf with a big face and bug eye

• Ancient Pompeii 'Fast-Food' Spot Lured Customers with Sexy Logo

A painting of a scantily clad sea nymph graces the storefront of an ancient fast-food joint in Pompeii.Credit: Archaeological Park of PompeiiBefore Mount Vesuvius blasted Pompeii to smithereens in 79, it was possible to grab a bite to eat there at a "

• Decapitated Skeletons, with Heads Between Their Legs, Unearthed in Roman Cemetery

The discovery of a Roman cemetery in England has archaeologists scratching their heads, mainly because about 40 percent of the bodies buried there are missing theirs.Well, not missing, exactly. Of the 52 skeletons discovered in the fourth-century A.D. cem

• This Is the Oldest Known Inscription Bearing the Full Name of Jerusalem

Danit Levy, director of the excavations on behalf of the Israel Antiquities Authority, inspects the inscribed column in the field.Credit: Yoli Shwartz/IAAArchaeologists have uncovered the oldest known instance of the word "Jerusalem" spelled out

• Was This Man a Bronze-Age Cyborg? His Metal Hand May Have Been a Prosthetic.

This Bronze Age hand has a gold cuff. Next to it, sit a dagger, a bronze pin and a spiraled hair ornament. The two gold flakes likely came from the metal hand.Credit: Copyright Philippe Joner/Archaeological Service of the Canton of BernTreasure hunters in

• Naked Servant Depicted in Newly Discovered 2,200-Year-Old Tomb Mural

A servant in his birthday suit holds a silver-colored jug and a vase for wine.Credit: Copyright E. Lupoli/Jean Bérard Centre (CNRS/école française de Rome)A naked man holding a wine jug and a vase is just one of many figures depicted in a 2,200-year-

• This 1491 Map May Have Influenced Christopher Columbus

The researchers used multispectral imaging to reveal the images and text on the map.Credit: Image by Lazarus Project / MegaVision / RIT / EMEL, courtesy of the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript LibraryA 1491 map that likely influenced Christopher Columbus

• The Weird Reason Roman Emperors Were Assassinated

Why were so many Roman emperors assassinated?Credit: ShutterstockAncient Rome was a dangerous place to be an emperor. During its more than 500-year run, about 20 percent of Rome's 82 emperors were assassinated while in power. So, what led to their downfal

• Amateur Archaeologist Discovers 1,800-Year-Old Golden Ring from Rome

This golden bling dates back to Roman times.Credit: Courtesy of Jason MasseyAn amateur historian just unearthed a treasure that would turn any archaeologist green with envy: an ornate gold ring dating back to ancient Roman times.On the face of the ring —

• Ancient Roman Library Discovered Beneath German City

The excavation of the ancient library in Cologne, Germany.Credit: Roman-Germanic Museum of CologneBeneath the soil in Cologne, Germany, lies a bibliophile's dream: an ancient Roman library that once held up to 20,000 scrolls, according to news reports.Arc

• Why Grave Robbers Missed This Ancient, Gold-Filled Burial

The newly discovered burial of Neko, a woman who lived 1,800 years ago.Credit: Thanos Kartsoglou/Greek Culture MinistryGrave robbers had about 1,800 years to steal the precious gold jewelry buried with a noblewoman on the Greek island of Sikinos. So, what

• 1,600-Year-Old Mosaic Shows Biblical Spies Who Scouted Promised Land

An ancient mosaic depicting two Biblical spies sent to scout the Promised Land has been unearthed at a nearly 1,600-year-old synagogue in northern Israel.In the mosaic, two spies carry a cluster of grapes on a pole — likely a reference to an episode in th

• Why Archaeologists Were Surprised to Find This Gibbon in a Royal Chinese Tomb

Archaeologists discovered the skull ofJunzi imperialis, a previously unknown genus and species of extinct gibbon, in an ancient Chinese tomb.Credit: Camuel Turvey/Zoological Society of LondonAbout 2,300 years ago, the grandmother of China's first emperor

• 'Sleeping Beauty' Mummy Buried with Riches and Snacks for the Afterlife

The 2,000-year-old mummy, dubbed Sleeping Beauty, was buried in silk clothes and a beaded belt with a jet buckle.Credit: Marina Kilunovskaya/The Siberian TimesAbout 2,000 years ago, during the time Jesus supposedly walked the Earth, people buried a young

• 4,000-Year-Old Jar Contains Italy's Oldest Olive Oil

The oldest olive oil on record in Italy was found in this textured pot with starfish-like designs.Credit: Courtesy: Sicily Region; Syracuse Regional Park for archaeological sites and museums; Paolo Orsi MuseumAn egg-shaped ceramic jar covered with ceramic

• Ancient Horse and Stable Found Under Pompeii Ash

The horse likely swiveled its ears when it heard the deafening roar from Mount Vesuvius in A.D. 79. That was one of the last things the animal ever did: After that, it died, buried in the massive amounts of ash that killed about 30,000 people anddestroyed

• 4,000-Year-Old Prenup Mentions Infertility, Surrogacy and Divorce

The 4,000-year-old Assyrian marriage contract.Credit: Turp, AB. et al. Gynecological Endocrinology, 2017Kim Kardashian made headlines recently for using a surrogate to carry her unborn child, but the practice of surrogacy — albeit in a different form — is

• Ancient Coptic Tombstone Found Along Egypt's Avenue of Sphinxes

The newly discovered Coptic gravestone.Credit: Egypt Ministry of AntiquitiesArchaeologists unearthed an ancient Coptic tombstone during a dig Sunday (Oct. 22), according to Egypt's antiquities ministry.The tombstone is decorated with a cross and Coptic in

• So Much Drama! Roman Amphitheater Found Under Western Wall Tunnels

Click toVisit the VideoArchaeologists discovered the theater-like structure during a recent excavation beneath Wilson's arch in the tunnels of the Western Wall. The team was hoping to find artifacts that would help them date Wilson's arch — a structure ma

• Sphinx, Baboon and Cat Statues Found in Ancient Egyptian Burial

Researchers carefully conserve an Osiris statuette found within the favissa. It's possible the statue of the god Ptah was placed with the Osiris statuettes because Osiris was the god of rebirth.Credit: Copyright J. Maucor/ CFEETK-CNRS-MoA; Copyright Antiq

• Wooden Figurines 'Weave' at Tiny Looms Placed in Ancient Grave

Tiny wooden figurines have stood upright "weaving" at appropriately sized looms for more than 2,100 years in a Chinese tomb containing the remains of a middle-age woman, a new study finds.