• Last Roman gladiator arena ever built unearthed in Switzerland
    The arena sat on the northern edge of the empire's frontier.
    2022-2-15 17:28By,Laura,Geggel
  • Rare Byzantine swords found in medieval stronghold
    Experts are calling them hybrid Byzantine ring pommeled swords.
    2022-2-15 17:25By,Laura,Geggel
  • 20 'Terracotta Warriors' discovered in pit around secret tomb of China's 1st emperor
    The emperor's "afterlife army" just got bigger.
    2022-2-15 16:57By,Owen,Jarus
  • 2,700-Year-Old Leather Armor Proves Technology Transfer Happened in Antiquity
    Researchers at the University of Zurich have investigated a unique leather scale armor found in the tomb of a horse rider in Northwest China. Design and construction details of the armor indicate that it originated in the Neo-Assyrian Empire between the 6
    2021-12-10 16:38Dr,Patrick,Wertmann
  • Did the Great Wall of China work?
    Yes, but perhaps not in the way you might imagine.The Great Wall of China was not impenetrable, although it did help defend against attacks.(Image credit: yangna via Getty Images)The Great Wall of China — built over the course of two millennia to bolster
    2021-12-10 16:10By,Benjamin,Plackett
  • Rare evidence of Roman crucifixion uncovered in the UK
    A nail was found hammered into one of the heel bones of this crucified skeleton.A nail was found hammered into one of the man's heel bones, evidence that he was crucified.(Image credit: Albion Archaeology)A man in Roman England, possibly a slave, died bru
    2021-12-10 15:56By,Owen,Jarus
  • Metal detectorist finds 2,000-year-old dagger wielded by Roman soldier in battle with Rhaetians
    Roman dagger finding led to discovery of "lost" battlefield.An amateur archaeologist in Switzerland has discovered an ornate dagger wielded by a Roman soldier 2,000 years ago.That discovery, found using a metal detector, led a team ofarchaeologi
    2021-11-25 11:45By,Tom,Metcalfe
  • Evidence of Hanukkah's Maccabee rebellion unearthed in Israel
    Rebel Maccabees stormed and defeated a stronghold of the Seleucid Empire.The excavation in Lachish Forest, aerial view.(Image credit: Vladik Lifshits, Israel Antiquities Authority)Archaeologists have discovered the burned remains of an ancient Hellenistic
    2021-11-25 11:18By,Mindy,Weisberger
  • Archaeologists uncover tiny room belonging to family of slaves in Pompeii
    The 'slave room' was likely home to three people, one possibly a child.Archaeologists inPompeiihave uncovered a tiny bedroom for slaves inside aRomanvilla. The cramped room, which also doubled as a storage room, was most likely shared by three people, who
    2021-11-15 10:46By,Harry,Baker
  • Burial that included a racy love goddess inscription held multiple people
    The burned bone fragments belonged to at least three adults.The cup is on permanent display at the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae on the island of Ischia in Italy.(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per
    2021-11-4 15:24By,Mindy,Weisberger
  • A rare 2,700-year-old luxury toilet found in Jerusalem
    Archaeologists discovered a rare, 2,700-year-old toilet among the remains of an ancient estate in Jerusalem.(Image credit: Yoli Schwartz, Israel Antiquities Authority)Archaeologists recently discovered a 2,700-year-old private toilet inside the remains of
    2021-11-4 15:20By,Yasemin,Saplakoglu
  • Did all roads lead to Rome?
    Yes, no. Maybe so.At its height, the Roman Empire's roads traversed continents to connect important cities and towns to its capital city. This particular road is in Pompeii, Italy.(Image credit: Oliver Helbig via Getty Images)At the zenith of its control,
    2021-11-4 15:16By,Benjamin,Plackett
  • Gold 'sun bowl' discovered near Bronze Age swamp
    The bowl was discovered in a 3,000-year-old settlement in Austria.A photo of the sun bowl is seen here. The bottom has a sun disc with 11 rays coming out. There are also circular motifs decorating the bowl.(Image credit: Andreas Rausch, courtesy Novetus)A
    2021-11-4 15:12By,Owen,Jarus
  • Rich medieval hipster was buried with his fancy beard comb
    Two graves in an ancient impact crater held luxury goods that were unusual for burials in the Middle Ages.Ornate carvings on the ivory comb depict scenes with animals.(Image credit: BLfD)A wealthy medieval man who died over 1,500 years ago in what is now
    2021-11-4 11:41By,Mindy,Weisberger
  • Oldest ghost drawing discovered on Babylonian exorcism tablet
    "Do not look behind you."The ghost drawing on a clay tablet with and without a superimposed outline.(Image credit: Photo © British Museum, line drawing © James Fraser and Chris Cobb for The First Ghosts)A museum curator has dis
    2021-11-4 11:33By,Patrick,Pester