International conference on reconstruction: The challenges of World Heritage recovery

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摘要: 6-8th May 2018

Historic Centre of Warsaw, Poland © OUR PLACE The World Heritage Collection / Geoff Steven

The purpose of this international conference is to summarize previous discussions and experiences regarding the recovery and reconstruction of UNESCO World Heritage sites and attempt to develop the most appropriate, universal guidelines for moving forward with properties of exceptional value at the time of destruction. 

Implementing declarations from the decisions of the World Heritage Committee of 2016 (40 COM 7) and 2017 (41 COM 7), Poland as a State Party to the World Heritage Convention is organizing, in cooperation with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, the conference entitled "The challenges of World Heritage recovery. International conference on reconstruction".

Panel 1: Integrative approach for recovery – Challenges and opportunities 
Theory and methodology
Panel 2: The Processes of Recovery — taking stock of the past experiences: documentation
Panel 3: History and Memory
Panel 4: Communities and cultural rights,
Panel 5: The challenges of Urban Heritage recovery

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