The international Seminar of Shenmu Shimao site was held

Summary: From August 16th to 19th,the international seminar entitled the Early-Period Stone City and the Civilization Advancement ——the international Seminar of Shenmu Shimao site was held at the site location county, Shenmu County, Shaanxi, China.

From August 16th  to 19th,the international seminar entitled the Early-Period Stone City and the Civilization Advancement ——the international Seminar of Shenmu Shimao site was held at the site location county, Shenmu County, Shaanxi, China. The seminar was organized by the SPBCH, the People’s Government of Yulin City, Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology,  the People’s Government of Shenmu County, Stanford University of America. Mr Song Xinchao, director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Mr Zhao Rong, director of the SPBCH, Mr. Yu Jundong, mayor of Yulin city among others participated in the Seminar, which was chaired by Mr. Wang Weilin, director of Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology.

The seminar invited more than 150 talents from different organizations, including the Institute of Archaeology under Chinese Academy of Social science,the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, National Museum of China, National Place Museum of Taiwan, Academia Sinica of Taiwan, 33 research institutes of such province or autonomous region as Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, inner Mongolia, Henan etc.,15 domestic universities like Peking University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Renmin University of China etc., 11 oversea universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford, Earlham, UCLA, Indiana, Washington University in St. Louis, Melbourne,Japan Kyusyu among others.

Mr.Zhao reviewed the archaeological works of Shimao Site and expressed the resolution of following the instruction of President Xi, which goes that cultural heritage is attached with splendid civilization, it is the promotion of history and culture,the maintenance of national spirit, the priceless heritage inherited from our ancestors, and the profound nutrient to promote the construction of socialist ideology and culture. The SPBCH will persisted in the archaeological,protection and exhibition works of such ancient sites as Shimao Site and will endeavor to make these sites an important carrier to interpret ancient Chinese civilization and to promote the excellent traditional culture.

Pro.Zhao Hui said the new archaeological findings of Shimao Site since 2011 has considerably overturned the traditional understandings. Shimao has turned into a huge ancient city of later neolithic period from a site. He also summarized the site from 6 perspectives, including period division, structure, social differentiation,multidisciplinary cooperation, civilization advancement and cultural relationship.

Mr.Song Zhouyong, vice director of Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology and leader of Shimao Archaeological Team, Mr. Jessica Rawson from Cambridge University, Pro.Mei Jianjun from the Needham Research Institute, Pro. Wu Xiaohong from Peking University, Ms. Zhou Ping, director of Shaaxni Cultural Heritage Research Institute gave presentation in sequence themed on the field excavation and research of Shimao Site, the function of Shimao as the border area of the central region, the bronze wares and bronze-casting site of Shimao, the dating of Shimao Site, the protection scheme and utilization of Shimao Site.  

After the opening ceremony, experts of different fields were divided into different groups like city ruins, residential area,astronomy archaeology, typology, jade,  the cultural interaction of Eurasian grassland, horses and chariots, the origin of civilization, philology, physical anthropology, animal, plant and carbon nitrogen isotope, strontium isotope, DNA, thermoluminescence, optical luminescence, pottery material analysis, mural analysis, cultural heritage protection among others to have profound and heated discussion.

After three-day discussion and exchanges, the seminar was closed on Aug.18th, Mr. Dai Xiangming, research fellow of the National Museum of China summarized the discussion achievements.then, Mr.Li Bin, promotion director of Shimao County and Pro. Liu Li of Stanford University addressed in the closing ceremony.

The seminar themed on the early-period stone city and civilization advancement is the all-round summarizing and academic discussion of Shimao archaeological achievements, acting as the monument and new start of the research and protection of the Shimao. We believe the seminar will provide new opportunities for the excavation, research and exhibition works of Shimao Site, or even the important ancient ruins of Shaanxi Province, promote the advancement of the related works and make positive contribution to the construction of the cultural dynamic province of Shaanxi and the Chinese traditional culture.

During the seminar, experts visited the east gate ruins of the outer city wall and the royal city platform, providing instructive suggestions for the future excavation works, protection plan and comprehensive utilization of the site.

(translated by Cheng Yanni)

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