• Evidence of Hanukkah's Maccabee rebellion unearthed in Israel

Rebel Maccabees stormed and defeated a stronghold of the Seleucid Empire.The excavation in Lachish Forest, aerial view.(Image credit: Vladik Lifshits, Israel Antiquities Authority)Archaeologists have discovered the burned remains of an ancient Hellenistic

• Burial that included a racy love goddess inscription held multiple people

The burned bone fragments belonged to at least three adults.The cup is on permanent display at the Archaeological Museum of Pithecusae on the island of Ischia in Italy.(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio per

• Rich medieval hipster was buried with his fancy beard comb

Two graves in an ancient impact crater held luxury goods that were unusual for burials in the Middle Ages.Ornate carvings on the ivory comb depict scenes with animals.(Image credit: BLfD)A wealthy medieval man who died over 1,500 years ago in what is now

• Shackled skeleton may be first direct evidence of slavery in Roman Britain

Iron fetters around the skeleton's ankles were secured in the center with a padlock.

• Europe's earliest form of money found and it's a bunch of rings and axes

Objects from the early Bronze Age in Europe may represent one of the oldest forms of currency.

• Decapitated and dismembered skeletons reveal lost Iron Age massacre

Attackers may have timed the attack to coincide with a public gathering.

• Foreign dynasty's rise to power in ancient Egypt was an inside job

The Hyksos once ruled Egypt, but they didn't arrive as invaders.

• Deformed 'alien' skulls offer clues about life during the Roman Empire’s collapse

Tight wrapping in childhood produced deliberately deformed skulls.

• Sword fighting with Bronze Age weapons is really hard, scientists learn

Replica swords tested combat skills and revealed battle damage

• Hello kitty! Leopard face reconstructed from ancient Egyptian sarcophagus

Archaeologists digitally reconstructed the leopard image from fragments of a sarcophagus cover.(Image: © University of Milan)Excavation of an ancient city of the dead in Aswan, Egypt, recently uncovered pieces of a sarcophagus lid that had been d

• Vesuvius victims baked slowly as they died

Hundreds who died weren't instantly vaporized.

• Trove of Jewish artifacts discovered beneath a synagogue destroyed by Nazis during WWII

Restorers discovered numerous objects concealed under the synagogue floor.

• Assyrian Tablets Contain Earliest Written Record of Aurora’s Sky Glow

Carved references to an aurora predate known records by nearly a century.

• Bloody, Defeated Gladiator Drips Gore in Gruesome Fresco Uncovered at Pompeii

Gladiators may have frequented the ancient tavern where the fresco was found.

• Lost Palace of a Once-Mighty Empire Unearthed in Iraq

An aerial view of Kemune Palace from the west, near the Tigris River in Iraq.Credit: University of Tübingen/eScience Center/Kurdistan Archaeology OrganizationWhen a drought dried up the water in Iraq’s Mosul Dam reservoir, it exposed ruins from an ancient

• Why Archaeologists Used a 'Ray Gun' to Blast This Ancient Shipwreck Pottery

Qingbai ceramics from the Field Museum's Java Sea Shipwreck collection.Credit: Copyright The Field Museum. Photo by Kate GolembiewskiScientists just blasted pottery from an ancient shipwreck with a "ray gun." Besides being totally sci-fi, the X-

• Was Roman Emperor Nero's Evil Reputation Just 'Fake News'?

Roman historians accused Nero of deliberately setting the Great Fire of Rome so that he could rebuild the city in a more pleasing style.Credit: Photographer Helmut Wimmer/Copyright Interspot Film GmbHWas the infamously cruelNeroreally as terrible an emper

• Ancient Garbage Heaps Show Fading Byzantine Empire Was 'Plagued' By Disease and Climate Change

Climate change trashed the Byzantine Empire, ancient garbage mounds revealed.Credit: ShutterstockAbout a century before the fall of the Byzantine Empire — the eastern portion of the vast Roman Empire — signs of its impending doom were written in garbage.A

• This Slave in Ancient Rome Became the Empire’s Chariot-Racing Superstar

Roman relief of a chariot race and spectators, from the Vatican Museum's collection.Credit: CM Dixon/Print Collector/GettyDuring the first century, people across Rome were obsessed with chariot races, which frequently produced horrific crashes.However, on

• Even the Ancient Egyptians Had Homework, Preserved Tablet Shows

A schoolchild's homework in Greek was written on a wax tablet nearly 2,000 years ago.Credit: Copyright British Library BoardHomework written by a school kid in ancient Egypt has been preserved since the second century A.D. And the words on the slab may so

• Code-Name 'Corona': Earliest Spy-Satellite Images Reveal Secrets of Ancient Middle East

By mapping historical spy-satellite images to recent aerial photos, researchers can find historical sites that vanished decades ago.Credit: Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of ArkansasWhen the United States launched its first secret &q

• Painted 'Comics' with 'Speech Bubbles' Found in Ancient Roman Tomb

A preserved painting shows the clearing of the site of Capitolias, with the assistance of Dionysus and other gods.Credit: Copyright CNRS HiSoMAIn an ancient Roman tomb that was recently discovered in Jordan, a colorful mural offers a comics-like glimpse o

• Think Politics Today Is Ugly? Politicians in Ancient Rome Were Insulting, Too

"You are the stench of a low-life latrine," said one irate character to another in the ancient Roman novel "The Metamorphoses," written by Apuleius in the late second century A.D.Credit: ShutterstockAre ugly accusations and verbal abus

• Bronze arm found at Antikythera shipwreck

A bronze right arm, preserved from the shoulder to the fingers, was recently recovered from the Antikythera shipwreck. (Brett Seymour/EUA/ARGO)A graceful bronze arm that was once attached to a statue dating to the first century was recently recovered from

• Sine o' the Times: Babylonian Tablet Holds Oldest Evidence of Trigonometry

Researchers offer a new angle on interpreting mathematical inscriptions on a very old tablet.Credit: UNSWScientists recently decoded a clay tablet from ancient Babylonia that dates to around 3,700 years ago, and found that it contains the oldest trigonome

• Bronze Coins Engraved with Byzantine Emperors Found in Israel

About 1,400 years ago in Israel, a bag holding nine bronze coins was carefully hidden inside a niche in a building's wall. Untouched since then, the coin cache recently emerged during excavations for a highway expansion near Ein Hemed, a national park loc

• Advanced Radar Tech Could Save Ancient City of Angkor's Collapsing Monuments

Cambodia's ancient stone city of Angkor is a remnant of the Khmer Empire, dating between the 9th and 15th centuries. But even stone crumbles over time, and scientists are investigating what may have led to significant degradation of the remains of Angkor'

• Goddess Alert: Marble Statues of Aphrodite Unearthed at Petra

Marble statues of Aphrodite/Venus found at Petra in Jordan date to the second century.Credit: Tom ParkerTwo marble statues representing Aphrodite/Venus, the Greco-Roman goddess of love, were found recently at Petra, an ancient desert city in Jordan.The st

• Knot Possible! 3,000-Year-Old Thread Found in UK

An unusually delicate pair of artifacts recently emerged from a dig site in the United Kingdom: a tiny ball of thread and another length of thread wound around a bobbin. Both are estimated to be approximately 3,000 years old.