• Why Did Ancient Greeks Recline to Eat and Drink?

A symposium scene on an ancient Kylix, or drinking cup. Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Public DomainSurviving images on countless works of art, including pottery, frescoes, wine cups, and sculptures, frequently depict ancient Greeks reclining on one side to e

• Celts Imported Greek Pottery, Olive Oil, and Wine 2,600 Years Ago

The Vix Krater, an imported Greek wine-mixing vessel was one of the spectacular finds in the grave of the “Lady of Vix.” Credit:CC BY-SA 2.5/WikipediaCelts consumed Greek wine according to a recent study of ceramic containers which have been excavated fro

• Gothic Warrior and His Weapons Found Buried in Greece’s Thessaloniki

The arched tombs were found in the Christian basilica of Syntrivani in Thessaloniki. Credit: Erricos Maniotis, as seen in Archaeology news network.A Gothic warrior, who was buried with his weaponry, was found recently in an early Christian basilica in The

• The Real Face of Aristotle? Artist Reconstructs Ancient Greeks

A Roman copy of a Greek bronze sculpture of Aristotle. Tomasi reconstructs the faces of ancient Greeks using such busts as reference. Credit: Public domainItalian artist Alessandro Tomasi has reconstructed the faces ofancient Greekand Roman philosophers a

• Skeleton of Ancient Woman Lying on Her Bronze Bed Found in Greece

The female remains were found in Eordea,Greece. Credit: AMNAThe skeleton of a woman who lived in the 1st century BC lying on her bed was uncovered by Greek archaeologists recently near the city of Kozani, northern Greece.The discovery was made at a Public

• Ancient Greek Necropolis in Croatia Dates Back to Fourth Century AD

Remains and jars just found in a necropolis on the Croatian island of Hvar date back to the fifth or fourth century AD when Greeks living in the Roman Empire resided in the area. Credit: Facebook/Kantharos HvarThe gardens of a seventeenth-century Croatian

• Pompeii Skeleton Proves Greek Culture Was Thriving in Ancient Rome

The skeleton was discovered in Pompeii. Credit: Pompeii Archaeological ParkA skeleton discovered recently in Pompeii, the Roman city which was completely destroyed after the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD, proves that Greek culture was thriving

• A Drought May Be Behind the “Bronze Age Collapse”

Lion’s Gate, Mycenae. The Mycenaean Civilization was destroyed during the Bronze Age Collapse. Credit: Andreas Trepte/CC-BY-SA-2.5Archaeologists and historians have long debated the cause of the “Bronze Age Collapse,” or the period when multiple, distinct

• Ancient Roman pottery workshop discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered an ancient Roman pottery workshop.

• Mysterious ceramic jars may actually be 900-year-old Crusader hand grenades

Chemical analysis revealed the explosive ingredients used to make them.

• Medieval cargo ship unexpectedly found during construction work in Estonia

The powerful Hanseatic League may have owned this ship.

• Ancient people in India may have buried their dead in giant stone jars

The immense stone jars may be linked to mysterious containers found in Laos.

• Roman-era Bronze Diploma Found in Ancient Greek City of Perrhe

A Roman-era bronze diploma earned by a graduate of a military school was just discovered in Perrhe, in what is now Turkey. Credit: Screenshot from YouTubeA Roman-era bronze diploma earned by a graduate of a military school in theAncient Greekcity of Perrh

• Hellenistic-Era Grave Discovered in Chieti, Italy

A Hellenistic-era burial with spectacular grave goods was uncovered in Chieti, Italy this week. Credit: Facebook/Soprintendenza Archaeologia Belle ArtiA spectacular Hellenistic-era grave featuring elegant grave goods was just uncovered in Chieti, Italy la

• Copper Pendant, Workshops Found at Agios Sozomenos Site on Cyprus

Agios Sozomenos on Cyprus is the site of Bronze Age ruins that are still being excavated today. This is the most iconic church in the area, dedicated to St. Mamas. Credit:dimitrisvetsikas1969/CC0Cyprus’ Department of Antiquities recently announced the res


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