The selected works of the 1st Photographic Exhibition of "The Silk Roads:Beauty of the World Heritage"(Human civilisation)

Summary: Dhyana ©Zuo XuelanSilk Roads. Pass On©Chen ZebinBazaar Hawker©Jin WeiPass On Life©Jin WeiLife at night ©Wang LiChasing winds©Wang JiandongInheritor of Shadow Puppetry Play©Zuo XuelanYoung Dawazi acrobat performer©Ji

Dhyana ©Zuo Xuelan

Silk Roads. Pass On

©Chen Zebin

Bazaar Hawker

©Jin Wei

Pass On Life

©Jin Wei

Life at night ©Wang Li

Chasing winds

©Wang Jiandong

Inheritor of Shadow Puppetry Play

©Zuo Xuelan

Young Dawazi acrobat performer

©Jin Wei

Heading to Great Wild Goose Pagoda Palace

©Wang Jia

Last Oil Extracting Workshop

©Jin Wei

A Spinning Family

©Jin Wei

Tai Chi in Da Ming Palace

©Zhang Xiaonian

Ceramics Workshop

©Zuo Xuelan

Buddha in South Cave Temple

©Zuo Xuelan

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